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Welcome, I hope you're ready for a quest...

Hello, I hope that you have rested well.  I am Calypso, and I welcome you to the paradise of Ogygia!  Well, it used to be a paradise.  These days, there is conflict and suffering.  But, I have a strong hope that you can help!  Ogygia needs a hero who can bring peace back to life (and hopefully allow me to leave to explore the world once more).  I ask you to partake upon the Quest of all quests.  Surely you know of the Gods and Goddesses?  I mean all of them, Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, and so on...?  You will need to complete several Labours, much like Heracles.  But he only had Hera challenge him.  You, however, have ALL of them to contend with, and if you succeed, you shall be granted honors, weapons, titles, and even godlike abilities!

But all of this is only half of what you shall experience.  During your questing, you will come across many strange characters, Magical Girls, Martial Artists, Hot Rods, and Tech Geniuses' from many different anime, like Tenchi Universe, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Ah! My Goddess, and more.  Please take my advice, and try to  Befriend these characters.  Many of them can be quite easily agitated.

After you have completed all of your quests, I must ask, would you marry me?  PLEASE!!  If you come back to me, I shall give you immortality.  Just be sure to take one of the crystals found in that cave over there before you go.

AniMyth is an open-world MMORPG set on the vast mythical island of Ogygia that allows you to play with your favorite anime characters.  You may enter the world with your own character, or you may choose to play a Cannon Character from any of the anime series supported in the game.  Some of the most important features of the game include:

  • Multiple Connectivity Modes:  You can choose to play the game Online as part of the ever-evolving MMORPG setting, or play in Solo Player mode, where no Internet connection is required.  There are also two other network playing modes, the first one is called LAN Party.  You set up your computer as a Game Master Host, and your players connect directly to your computer.  You have the options to include only the anime series and mythologies that you and your players decide.  Due to possible performance issues, this mode is limited to 20 players.  The final connection method is running your own Dedicated Server.  This is a computer that is dedicated to running the game, and this computer is not-playable, and should be a higher-end computer with a stable, non-DHCP Internet address.  There is a maximum connection limit of 500 players.
  • Multiple POV:  View First and Third person perspective cameras simultaneously.  This helps with general situational awareness, and fine-tuned aiming for attacks for both Ranged and Melee combat.
  • Online Pause feature:  You have the ability to pause the game, while connected to the Persistent World, in case Nature Calls, the phone rings, or to stop the grilled cheese from burning.  Your character becomes completely immune to attacks and interactions.  Also, if you are traveling with a a group, you will simply float along with your party as they travel.
  • Multiple Character Creation Options:  Play as a Cannon Character (a character from one of the supported Anime Series in the game, defined as NPC's when not being possessed), or as your own Original Character (OC).  You can create your perfect dream character using VRoid Studio and import your model into AniMyth with the click of a button!  Finally, there is the Swap Shop method, where you can customize your character using model templates, such as different already created hairstyles, and body types.

Be sure to check out the Blog and the Features List for more information.  In fact, why not just Register and Join the Conversation!  Talk about Anime, Mythology, Role Playing, Technology and other things, Read and Write Fan-Fiction, and even join or create your own Play by Post (PbP) Role Playing Games!  Join us, and you can help shape AniMyth to become one of the best Anime games among us!  Everything is Free, so please, come on in, and remember to have FUN!