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Dec 07, 2021, 09:22

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Character STARs

Started by Kokoro, Nov 01, 2021, 10:35

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In AniMyth, you have the ability to form your own mini team of assistants using NPCs or other characters you've created.  The term STAR is both an acronym and layout definition.

Teamwork (of)
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Your team of characters forms a five-pointed star (or a four-pointed star, with you in the middle.  Your choice.)  In which you can assign each character specific duties while adventuring, in combat, or just to use as conversational friends.  You're actually using the full capabilities of each character.  So if you choose an NPC, you'll get EVERYTHING at FULL power from that character.  That includes all the special moves, talents, spells, and anything else... including any sarcastic comments, foolish actions, strengths and weaknesses).

Best of all, you can Hot-Swap into any of your STAR members at any time to take full control of that character.  Your character will take over using a default AI, or one that you've programmed through the use of macros.

Anything that your STAR does, earns you XP into your XP Pool, so you can take that XP and apply it to any of your characters.  That includes the NPCs.  Each "level" of XP that an NPC earns, you can increase the capability of that character, the the use of more Macro slots, of dumping a reserve of XP into specific skills, that the NPC only has while in your STAR.

There's one hitch, though.  You have to either convince that NPC to join your STAR (meaning if you have a rival to that character already in your STAR, the difficulty goes up.  However, if you have friendly NPCs to that NPC, it makes your job easier.  You can also choose to Challenge the NPC using any skill you have, or by defeating them in combat.  (Hint:  This could be useful, say if you want Akane Tendo on your team, and challenge her to a Cooking challenge... ;) )