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AniMyth Discussion / Character STARs
Last post by Kokoro - Nov 01, 2021, 10:35
In AniMyth, you have the ability to form your own mini team of assistants using NPCs or other characters you've created.  The term STAR is both an acronym and layout definition.

Teamwork (of)
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Your team of characters forms a five-pointed star (or a four-pointed star, with you in the middle.  Your choice.)  In which you can assign each character specific duties while adventuring, in combat, or just to use as conversational friends.  You're actually using the full capabilities of each character.  So if you choose an NPC, you'll get EVERYTHING at FULL power from that character.  That includes all the special moves, talents, spells, and anything else... including any sarcastic comments, foolish actions, strengths and weaknesses).

Best of all, you can Hot-Swap into any of your STAR members at any time to take full control of that character.  Your character will take over using a default AI, or one that you've programmed through the use of macros.

Anything that your STAR does, earns you XP into your XP Pool, so you can take that XP and apply it to any of your characters.  That includes the NPCs.  Each "level" of XP that an NPC earns, you can increase the capability of that character, the the use of more Macro slots, of dumping a reserve of XP into specific skills, that the NPC only has while in your STAR.

There's one hitch, though.  You have to either convince that NPC to join your STAR (meaning if you have a rival to that character already in your STAR, the difficulty goes up.  However, if you have friendly NPCs to that NPC, it makes your job easier.  You can also choose to Challenge the NPC using any skill you have, or by defeating them in combat.  (Hint:  This could be useful, say if you want Akane Tendo on your team, and challenge her to a Cooking challenge... ;) )
AniMyth Discussion / Playing NPCs
Last post by Kokoro - Nov 01, 2021, 10:19
One of the major features of AniMyth, is to take on the personna of an established anime character.  Each character has their own special skills and attacks.  All the XP you earn as that character goes into your XP pool, that you can use any way that you'd like.  Any specific skills that your character has in common with an NPC also directly builds your character.  The longer you play, the more secrets you unlock and gain to your character (any character in your library)!

Playing as an NPC is a great way to explore the world of Ogygia as you're already powered up to the maximum of that established character in the anime they're from.  And, you're actually leveling up your own character(s) without having the consequences of failure.

As you play an NPC, you'll be training under that character as well.  So not only will you look like that character (which looks really weird in combat), but that character will teach you their special techniques when you are "ready" (to defeat that character in combat).  Often times, the character will give you a macro of movements to assist you, shall you earn it. 
Technology / Re: X-Box vs Playstation
Last post by Kokoro - Oct 31, 2021, 22:52
I prefer the Playstation controller because of the position of the two thumbsticks.  I also like using a PC for the keyboard options, especially since I like playing MMORPGs, that require a way to interface with the Chat system most games have.
Technology / X-Box vs Playstation
Last post by Kokoro - Oct 31, 2021, 22:50
If you have a preference, please state why here. :)
Role Playing and Video Games / RPG Campaigns
Last post by Kokoro - Oct 31, 2021, 22:46
I'm looking for ideas for campaigns to run here on the site.  Of course, anybody is welcome to set up their custom campaign here and run their game concept here too.

Or what campaigns have you run?  How did they go?  Any awesome stories that happened?
Role Playing and Video Games / Guardians of Order Games
Last post by Kokoro - Oct 31, 2021, 22:44
Did anybody ever play the anime RPG's that Guardian's of Order published?

At one time, I had Tenchi Muyo and Tenchi Universe.

Then I upgraded to BESM 2nd (Big Eyes, Small Mouth), and then BESM 3rd.  Now I have BESM 4, and I'm looking to get Anime 5e (now published under the company Dyskami).  I also recently purchased BESM d20 as well.
Anime / Anime Game?
Last post by Kokoro - Oct 31, 2021, 22:40
Which anime would you like to see as a game (or a re-done game)?

Were there any Tenchi Muyo/Universe video games?  Ah! My goddess would be cool.... so would Negima!  Actually, I like the idea of Negima.

Hmmmm...?  ???
Anime / Strangest Anime
Last post by Kokoro - Oct 31, 2021, 22:38
What is the strangest/weirdest amime plot you've watched?

I think for me is was Midori Days.  I don't know...having your hand transformed into a girl from the waist up is pretty.... strange.  I mean, going to the bathroom would just be creepy!  LOL
Anime / Too Young?
Last post by Kokoro - Oct 31, 2021, 22:36
I've noticed in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, that everybody seems very young.  Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate are all like nine.  Chrono is 14, I think?  And Admiral Lindy is only in her 20's, pushing 30's?  That would mean that Chrono was born sometime when Lindy was a late teen?

What do you think?  It seems as though most of the characters in the series are good enough in their skills as mages to be recruited into the Bureau without much thought.
Anime / Favorite Opening/Ending song?
Last post by Kokoro - Oct 31, 2021, 22:32
What is your favorite anime opening and/or closing song?

I have a few:
I'm a Pioneer from Tenchi Muyo! OVA2
Happy Material: A More Happy Version (and Electronica version)
Eternal Blaze from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
Perfect-Area:  Complete! from Baka and Test
Amulet from Operation Sanctuary
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