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Chains Of Birth: 03 - "Battle Plan"

Started by Kokoro, Sep 22, 2021, 05:55

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Chains of Birth (Part I of the "Chains of LIfe" Series)
Chapter Three:  "Battle Plan"
Setting:  Aboard the Arthra, Room Alpha-Three (A3) aka Fate's quarters
Time:  Thursday, May 21, 2004 @  02:00 hours

I woke up when I felt the bed move and Arf tried not to disturb me.  I turned to face her and saw into her bloodshot eyes that she was exhausted.

"Hi Arf."  I said sleepily.

"Fate-chan."  Arf replied.

"How did your interview go with Chrono.

"Can we talk about this in the morning, Fate?"

"Sure.  Good night, Arf."  I said and cuddled up next to her.

She quickly feel asleep as I thought about today's events.  Miss Lindy is so kind.  But why should she want to adopt me?  If I go to prison....I can't worry about that right now.  She's confident about my future.  Oh, I wish Nanoha was here!  I have a million things to talk to her about.  What's it like to be a normal girl, like her?  I closed my eyes and eventually fell asleep.

Setting:  Aboard the Arthra, Room Alpha-Three (A3) aka Fate's quarters
Time:  Thursday, May 21, 2004 @  09:00 hours

I woke up to Miss Lindy gently nudging me awake.  I smelled something good in the air, and I heard the shower running.  Arf wasn't next to me and I was cuddling a pillow.

"How did you sleep, Fate?" Miss Lindy asked quietly.  She looked down at me with her bright eyes, smiling.


"Very good.  I brought you two some breakfast.  Why don't you go ahead and eat while Arf is finishing up in the shower.

I tossed off the covers and then quickly made the bed as Miss Lindy looked at me with a smile.  Then I walked over to the couch and saw a covered tray sitting on the table.  I reached over and took the lid off, and was surprised to see my breakfast of Miso soup, a beef and onion omelet, several rice balls and orange juice. I picked up the spoon and bowl of soup and quickly drained it.

"Fate, not so fast.  You'll make yourself sick."  Miss Lindy said.

"I'm really hungry."  I replied.

"Still, you should take your time.  If you are to be my daughter, and you ARE, slow down.  You'll be expected to eat like a responsible person in the Academy."


"Yes.  You do want to continue using your skills as a Mage, yes?"

"Yes, but—"

"Fate, there is no but.  If this is something you want to do, then, continue with your training.  You have many people now to learn from.  Chrono especially is eager to train you.  He, as well as I, think that you will make a fine Enforcer someday."

I sat there and thought about what she told me as I ate my omelet more slowly.  Arf came out of the bathroom dressed in a cozy looking white robe, and sat down next to me.

"Good morning, Arf.  How do you feel this morning?"  Miss Lindy said.

"I'm still a bit tired, but I'm really hungry." She said as she lifted her tray cover, to reveal the same food I had.  She began devouring the omlete.

"Slow down Arf!"  I said.

Miss Lindy smiled and got up.

"I have some things to attend to.  Fate, after you're done eating, get washed up and put on the outfit I hung in your closet."

She walked to the door, it opened, and shut behind her, then with a click, it locked.  I looked at Arf, she was looking at me.

"How did your interview with Chrono go yesterday, Arf?"

"He's very thorough.  He asked a lot of questions about your relationship with your mother, bot mine and yours.  He especially wanted detailed descriptions of the abuse that your mother did you, including what you did to make her react that way towards you.  He also asked a bunch of questions about you, and things that you did while you weren't looking for the Jewel Seeds."

"Wow.  What did you tell him about me?"

"He told me not to get into details with you about it.  He said it might taint your testimony at the trial."

"Oh."  I sighed, and finished my breakfast.  Then I got up and walked to the bathroom.  Before I shut the door, Arf asked me a question.

"Hey Fate, what do you think of Miss Lindy?"

I stood there and thought for a moment.

"She's very nice.  And I think optimistic.  She's already talking about sending me to the Academy to become an Enforcer."

"But, is that what you want?"  Arf said.

"I...I don't' know what I want."  I replied and shut the door.

Setting:  Aboard the Arthra, Room Alpha-Three (A3) aka Fate's quarters
Time:  Thursday, May 21, 2004 @  10:15 hours

I decided to take a bath instead and just laid in the hot water.  I got dressed in the black dress with the Time and Space Administration Bureau logo on it and combed my hair, then put it up in my normal pigtails.  Arf was patiently waiting for me on the couch.

"Miss Lindy asked for you to page her when you got finished—why are you wearing that?"

"Miss Lindy gave it to me to wear today."

"But you're not in the Bureau."

"I know.  I don't know why she chose this."  I replied as I walked over to the nightstand and pressed the page button.  "Miss Lindy, I'm ready."

"Thank you, Fate.  We'll be on our way to see you in a few minutes."  Miss Amy replied.

"We?"  I looked at Arf.  She glanced back at me at shrugged her shoulders.

I sat down next to her and patiently waited.  Now I had so many questions that I wanted to ask, but would this be the time to bring them up?  And who is we?  My answer came a few minutes later as the door clicked and opened.  Miss Lindy, Miss Amy, and Chrono all walked in.  The door quickly shut behind Chrono.  The three of them took seats across from us.

"Admiral,"  Chrono said, "Why is she wearing a female Enforcer uniform?"

"I feel it's a good idea to present Fate as a future member of the Time and Space Administration Bureau.  Besides, Fate looks very professional.  Don't you think?"

"Yes, I do.  And she looks adorable.  That will win her some approval for sure."  Miss Amy said.

"I guess so.  But I don't think it's right.  She hasn't earned that uniform yet."  Chrono said.

"I'll make a note of your objection, Chrono."  Miss Lindy said.  "Now, shall we begin?"

"Yes ma'am."  Miss Amy said cheerfully."

She set down a little sphere with a flat stand on the bottom, onto the table and pressed a button.  A holographic display appeared above the sphere.

"This is what the Court room will look like." Miss Amy said.  "The Judge will sit here, with the two councilors sitting here, for you, and the other here, for the Bureau.  You will be standing here, in this circle at the center of the room, on a raised platform as the defendant."

"We know few details about who will be at your trial."  Chrono said, "But we do know the name of your Judge is Admiral Eri Tsukiko, and your Councilor is a man by the name of William R. Pearl.  The good news is, not only do you have a female Judge, but your Councilor specializes in child abuse and endangerment cases."

"We have five days to present our evidence packet to the Court for their review."  Miss Lindy said.  "So we all have a lot of work to do ahead of us."  Miss Lindy looked at me with her kind eyes, and it felt as though she was reassuring me with her gaze.

"I've gathered a massive collection of documents from our video feeds of your conflicts against Nanoha, as well as the transmission we received from your Mother, Percia, and your reaction, as documented by our medical staff and Bridge surveillance system.  I also have a detailed report that I will be creating from everything I learned from Arf here." Chrono said.

"I shall be writing my own report based on my own interactions with Fate during the next couple of days, as a character witness.  Arf, I suggest you write your own report based on your relationship with Fate."  Miss Lindy said.  "Finally, I want you, Fate, to write a report describing your motivations for collecting the Jewel Seeds, and I want you to write down any feelings or thoughts about the trauma that your Mother gave you as a result of your actions regarding the Jewel Seeds incident."

"Yes Ma'am."  I replied.

"Okay.  Does anybody have anything else to contribute?"  Miss Lindy said.

"Miss Lindy?"  I said.

"Yes, Fate?"

"I thought you had decided not to include my combat with Nanoha?"

"Yes, I did originally think that, however, after with speaking to you yesterday, I realized that this footage could be useful with the addition of our other evidence and your testimony to illustrate your determination and loyalty.  I can use this to build a stronger case for you to get into the Academy, which hopefully, will persuade Judge Tsukiko to give you a second chance, with the guidance of your new family to live a productive and honorable life."  Miss Lindy said.

"Fate,"  Chrono said, "when Arf asked you to stop collecting the Jewel Seeds, you told her that you could not.  That because your mother told you to collect them.  Because, you felt obligated to collect them as Percia's daughter?"

"Um... yes."  I replied.

"So, if Miss Lindy was your mother, you would listen to her, no matter what she told you to do?"  Chrono continued.

"Yes.  Yes I would."


"Because, Miss Lindy is my Mother.  And I do things for my Mother, that bring her happiness."

"Anything at all?"

"Chrono, what are you doing?"  Miss Lindy said with frustration.

"I'm just making a point."  Chrono said, then looked back at me.  "Well, would you?  Say if she told you to defeat me in one on one combat, knowing that I'm more skilled than you, would you?"

I looked right at Chrono, and took a deep breath.  I saw where he was going with this, and I leaned closer toward him.

"Yes.  I would.  I would try and try and try again, until I defeated you."  I paused and looked at each person in my room, then I glared at Chrono for emphasis.  "And if she told me to kill you....I would.  Because my mother told me to do it."

"But Fa—"  Chrono said.

"I wouldn't need to know *why* she needed me to do it, that's her to know.  Just her telling me to do something, is reason enough for me.  Because she's my mother, and I love my mother, and I'm her daughter."  I added, then sat back into the cushion of the couch.

"Yes.  Fate would do that."  Arf agreed.  "Fate is so determined to please people, especially anybody with an authority figure, she wouldn't stop, until, I guess she died trying."

"Captain, that's your evidence right there.  I would be honored to train Fate, to be the very best that she could possibly be.  And, I would like to start her training as soon as possible."  Chrono said.

"There's a few more things that have to be worked out.  Most importantly, I would need to move some of the security personnel to over see your training with Fate."  Miss Lindy said.  "Unfortunately, Fate's not trusted yet, and I have a feeling that it may be a long time before the Bureau does trust her."

Miss Lindy, Chrono, Miss Amy and Arf"  I said.  "If this is what you want for me.  I'll do it.  And I won't give up."

Miss Lindy and Arf smiled.  Chrono looked at me, as if appraising me.  Finally, he nodded.

"Okay.  With the Captain's permission, you'll start training with me as soon as possible."  Chrono said.

"Fate,"  Miss Lindy said.  "Please, don't kill my son."

"Don't worry, Captain.  I won't be that hard on her.

"Okay Chrono, as soon as I get the approval from the Administration Board overseeing Fate's case, you'll begin.  Are you okay with that, Fate?"  Miss Lindy said.


"Good.  Now, we've all got a lot of work to do.  Fate, Arf.  I want both of you to start writing your reports, and Fate, I hope to see more than a couple of pages from you."  Miss Lindy said.  "Shall we get to work?"

Everybody but Arf stood up and left my room.  The door locked when it shut.  I stood up and walked over to the desk.  At some point, somebody brought in to datapads and set them on the desk.  I picked one up and powered it on.  After I examined it for a few minutes, I noticed it was blank, with no documents, however, it did have a messaging system installed.  The only contact was Miss Lindy.  The device also had access to the ship's recreational library.  I could look at books, listen to music and could watch some educational videos on various topics.  With the exception of creating new documents, everything else was locked down.  I picked up the other datapad, and handed it to Arf.  Then I sat down at the desk and began writing.