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Dec 07, 2021, 10:09

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Since the Beginning....

Started by Kokoro, Sep 22, 2021, 06:31

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I thought the other day, that I really should make a Developers Blog so that I can show you (and keep myself accountable) everything that goes into creating AniMyth.  So, this is a bit late being created, this post shall simply be a summary of what's been done so far.

Brainstorming, has been going on for YEARS, and this game has gone through many revisions on paper.  Everything from database design to flow charting has occurred.  Researching which Game Development Engine to use, was a major decision that was not taken lightly.  I decided that Unreal Engine had the tools and visual effects that I needed to create this game -- this dream.

I've begun to collect and learn all the software that is needed to create video game.  Blender, VRoid Studio, Visual Studio, C++, Unreal Engine, Blueprinting, MySQL, database server design.  Building the Server, upgrading the hardware, getting the Gig-Speed internet...  Now all I need is get a team of people together who have the skills I lack, or are willing to learn, or have a hobby in what I lack, and these people should want to volunteer to participate in this project.  Perhaps in time, These people may be back-paid for their efforts.

So, what have I actually done?  Well, after getting the server built, and all/most of the software I needed, and learning some pretty sharp learning curves for the software, I've managed to create a 3D model in VRoid Studio, Import her into the Unreal Engine, animate her, and walk around in the sample game environment.  Clothing is proving to be a problem in VRoid, so I'm going to be learning Blender next to have more control over the creation process for clothing.  I've created a form to update the Features post, and created the MySQL database structure (this, may change as new challenges emerge).  And I've built this website for all of you to enjoy.

Right now on my TODO list is:
* Implement Unreal's Game Ability System
* Create a link from Unreal to the MySQL server
* Create the "Create Character" user interface.
* Develop a method for importing VRoid characters into the game at Runtime.
* Complete the Features listing.
* Develop the modular system to include/exclude anime series in the game.

That's enough to chew on for at least the rest of the year (at the dedicated time of two to four hours a day).

I'll keep this updated with each task I complete, or need help with from now on.

Have Fun!