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Dec 07, 2021, 09:42

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What is AniMyth?

Started by Kokoro, Aug 18, 2021, 23:33

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Aug 18, 2021, 23:33 Last Edit: Oct 25, 2021, 15:56 by Kokoro
AniMyth (a conjunction of Anime and Myth) is going to be my dream game.  Origianlly designed for the PC, now I want to include VR (Virtual Reality) suuport and the ability to play on mobile platforms.

This is a game that is inspired by the classic first MMORPG's around the turn of the century, Asheron's Call.  That is, this is a game of open-world design.  You can take  your character anywhere within the world (and eventually out of that world, onto others far beyond...)  Asheron's Call or "AC" for short also had a unique skill system.  There were now skill trees to climb.  The same for spells.  Back in the original days of AC, you had to figure out the puzzle of components to cast a spell.  So long as you had high enough Stats (also known as Ability Scores), and enough Mana, and the compnenets to cast the spell, you have a chance of learning said spell.  Skills were even easier.  You could level up any skill you already knew at anytime just by pressing the Up Arrow Icon to the right of the skill, so long as you had enough free XP to spend.  Every few levels, you'd gain a Skill Point, so that with enough of them, you can learn more skills.

Anyway, AniMyth is going to be similar, but with quite a few differences.  First of all, there will be more Ability Scores to play with.  To learn more skills, this won't be based on a number of Levels you achieve (with XP), rather, this will be achieved with your Ability Score values.  These are just a few things I have thought of.

I have a problem with many modern games (especially on the mobile platform).  These games tend to hold your hand, show you the way, and sometimes even play the game for you!  There shall be none of this in AniMyth (However, there will be a Macro Editor, so you can macro-the-heck out of your character if you wish.  There will also be plenty of NPCs to help you along the way.)

AC was using the typical Medieval setting.  A setting I considered to be dominate in too many games.  While AniMyth will have a Medieval setting, this is also the world of Anime, and therefore, expect just about any genre imaginable to be played within this game.  Everything from horror, to space, pre-historic to modern day life and beyond.  I plan to incorporate it all in the game.

I want the NPCs to have real intelligence.  Whether the technology used is old Alice-Bot technology or something more advanced, I want the NPCs to have real conversations that adapt to the players conversing with them.  And, I want the NPCs to talk among each other (simple enough), So if a player named "Brad" harasses an NPC, other NPCs will probably hear about it, and not be so friendly and giving of quest material to Brad.  However, the opposite is quite true.  If Brad goes out of his way to help a particular NPC, the other NPC may just give the "keys" to that dungeon, or space frigate, or whatever that the quest is for Brad to complete.  Other things are quite possible too, such as random gossip about other quests and secrets about various parts of AniMyth.

I plan on allowing players to completely customize their characters using VRoid Studio.  Players (like me) may have a favorite character to play, and becuase of copyright law, I can't just put these characters in the game.  But a player can create said character, and add some additional customization to the character of their dreams.

So, I think I've given you a pretty good picture of what I want.  I'll be making an exhaustive list of features that I want to include in the game.  And soon, I hope to have a road map completed for how much time this game will take to create and build.

I invite you to come play with me!